Region Officers:


Ed Zipay

Vice President

Linda Runyan


Marcie Agostinelli


Linda Morrison

County Presidents:


Joanne Alaica


Maggie Beall Orosz


Linda Runyan


Terri Majors


Susan Black


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Editor - Saturday, December 10, 2016

Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired website comments or suggestions should be directed to Terri Majors.


MW Region PSEA-Retired

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can be sent to 

Terri Majors




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Fall 2023 Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired Meetings - Friday, October 6, 2023

Plans are being finalized for the April and May 2024 County and Region PSEA-Retired Meetings.  Election of Officers will be held at the Spring 2024 meetings - look for details in your Spring Newsletter.


April 3 - Beaver County

April 10 - Butler County

April 16 - Clarion County

April 18 - Mercer County

April 25 - Lawrence County

May 9 - Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired

The Fall 2023 Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired Meeting Schedule:

Sept. 6 - MW Region PSEA-Retired "Back to School, But Not for Us!" Picnic

Sept. 11-12 - PSEA-Retired Executive Board Meeting

Sept. 20 - MW Region PSEA-Retired Executive Board Meeting

Oct. 5 - "Update for Retirees" - information on our PSERS Health Options Plan, Medicare, Member Benefits and Financial Planning

Oct. 11 - Butler County PSEA-Retired meeting

Oct. 17 - Clarion County PSEA-Retired meeting

Oct. 18 - Beaver County PSEA-Retired meeting

Oct. 19 - Mercer County PSEA-Retired meeting

Oct. 25 - Lawrence County PSEA-Retired meeting

Nov. 13-14 - PSEA-Retired Board of Directors meeting

Dec. 6 - MW Region PSEA-Retired Executive Board Meeting

Contact your County PSEA-Retired President or a Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired Officer for information on the events.

PSEA House of Delegates - Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The next PSEA House of Delegates is scheduled for December 1-2, 2023 in Pittsburgh.  Representing Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired will be Ed Zipay (Region delegate), Marcie Agostinelli (Region delegate) and Terri Majors (PSEA-Retired IPD Representative). 


PACE Recommendations - Saturday, August 20, 2022

Through PSEA's Political Action Committee for Education (PACE), your colleagues interview and recommend candidates who support public education.  Please support these candidates and encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to do the same. 

Visit the School House Ballot website to find out who the PSEA-PACE recommended candidates are for the election.


NEA Retired - Sunday, August 14, 2022

The 2024 NEA-Retired Annual Meeting and the NEA Representative Assembly will be held in June and July of 2024 in Philadelphia.  Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired members will vote for our two delegates in early January of 2024.

The 2023 NEA-Retired Annual Meeting and the 2023 NEA Representative Assembly were held in June and July of 2023.  Marcie Agostinelli and Terri Majors were the Midwestern Region delegates and attended in-person in Orlando.

A report from the both meetings were e-mailed to Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired members in late July.