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Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired holds an annual meeting, usually in May. 

The five locals, or counties, of Midwestern Region each meet twice a year. 

You are welcome to attend any of those meetings.  Each county has its own page, and you can choose to read about events in your local county - see the links.  As a retired member you have the opportunity to join the local county organization in which you reside or where you were employed.  

Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired provides all members with a way to not only share information important to retirees but to provide a way to join voices and actions in a unified movement for positive change.  We focus on informing our members about issues concerning pensions, social security, and health care, and professional issues.  We advocate for public education.  You may contact any region or county officer about any questions you have on joining, membership, activities, etc.  Links can be found on the home and county pages.