Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired has an annual Back to School, But Not for Us! Picnic at the Midwestern Region Office every September.    

Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired holds an annual business meeting each May.

Each County has a Fall and Spring meeting and breakfast/luncheon.  

The counties also provide members the opportunity to contribute to various community outreach projects.  


There is an annual Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired meeting each May.   Elections for region officers will occur in the Spring of even numbered years.  Look for details in April.

  The PSEA-Retired House of Delegates is held in "even-numbered" years in Harrisburg, PA.  Delegates are elected in the fall preceding the meeting in each county.

  The PSEA-Retired Conference is held in "odd-numbered" years in Harrisburg, PA.  Each County helps fund part of the expenses for their interested county members to attend. 

Midwestern Region PSEA-Retired Delegates to the 2016 State PSEA-Retired Meeting.


 Retired Health Options Plan Workshop Minimize

Health Options Plan from PSERS - Workshops


The next HOP Update will be held in October of 2021.

The October 5th and 6th, 2020 workshops were held virtually in conjunction with Central Western PSEA-Retired Region.

Photo from the September 24, 2016 Workshop